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Increase Safety. Reduce Stress.


Growing safety challenges 

Police regularly encounter individuals suffering from invisible mental health disabilities. When under stress or in an escalated state, these individuals may have difficulty communicating or act in ways that inadvertently appear threatening.

The well-intentioned police officer is trained to assume worse case scenarios.  Without real-time information about the individual, actions occur that can create the dangerous and life-changing encounters you regularly see reported by the news media. 


Our solution bridges the communication gap

Vitals™ You can share real-time information about a loved one (or yourself) with authorized first responders 24/7 via our secure Vitals™ mobile app and beacon

  • Creates a safer environment for everyone involved 
  • Helps first responders plan for positive successful encounters
  • Communicates special needs without a voice 
  • Offers peace of mind 



“I love that more people are hearing about Vitals™ and realizing what good it can do in bringing our first responders and special needs community together!
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Vitals™ Promise

We believe that together we can create safer interactions for individuals with invisible and visible disabilities by developing tools that can be used every day. We hope to increase independence, safety and peace of mind for the communities we live in, and ultimately make the world a safer place for our loved ones.